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For the first time in the world, attached protrusions were added around the inner part of an exercise hoop. These 'Magic Fingers' provide acu-pressure, a slimming effect and a massage effect to the stomach and sides. Because Magic Hoop is two times heavier than a conventional exercise hoop, it is much more effective at burning fat. Magic Hoop provides a fast, fun, and slimming workout.

Why is it called Magic Hoop?

The Effect of Finger Pressure Therapy & Massage Effect

Magic Hoop's Finger stimulates and strengthens on the stomach and sides with its acupressure effects. You can experience 30,000 times finger massages for only 10 minutes workout. Germanium-added rubber attached inside of protrusions eases the contacts soft and help to prevent harsh stimulation on your body.

Prevention & Remedy Effect

Magic Hoop's optimal stimulation also strengthens intestines function, promotes blood circulation, and perfectly treats constipation and backache.

Beauty Therapy

If you do Magic Hoop workout just 10 minutes on a daily basis, you can keep your body fit and healthy with the help of Magic Fingers. Magic Hoop burns unnecessary body fat around abdomen and waist area. Enhanced blood circulation makes your complexion healthy and lovable.

It is Magic. It's separable

It is composed of separable parts so that you can assemble 6 or 7 parts, as you want. It makes Magic Hoop portable, and provides easy storage. The basic model has 7 bodies, so you can take 1 body out to make a smaller hoop for children.

Easy and simple exercise

It is an innovative hoop, which enables busy people in modern society to have easy workout regardless of time and place.

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